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Imagine you’re fifteen, in a poor rural village, with absent parents and a sixth-grade education. Someone offers you a job in a bar in the city. You might even earn enough to send your younger siblings to school.


What would you do?



What if you had another choice?

Our scholarship, mentorship, human rights and sustainability programs provide at-risk children and youth with the freedom of choice that arises from opportunity.





“We’re willing to follow our dreams because we know we have someone to support us.”




Why Prevent Child Trafficking in Thailand?

Every year 60,000 children are exploited in Thailand’s commercial sex industry. The poor, the stateless, girls and the abused are all at greater risk.


Prevention looks like this:

Human Rights

The vulnerable are empowered when they understand their rights. At our two Resource Centers, we’ve taught over 1,000 students about their sexual integrity and sexual rights. We’ve also taught over 250 students their legal rights.


According to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, “the single most common factor for children who develop resilience is at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent, caregiver, or other adult.” Our staff mentors every one of our at-risk scholarship students.


Each year our Resource Centers offer over 5,600 hours of access to staff, computers and the internet, tutoring, English and Chinese classes, group and one-on-one counseling, and a safe space for hundreds of vulnerable children and youth in Northern Thailand.



Resources, support and opportunity lead to choice. And having the freedom to choose can make all the difference.

Together we can prevent child trafficking & exploitation.

Our matching campaign doubles every dollar you give. Our 100% Guarantee makes sure your entire gift goes directly to our Resource Centers in Thailand.



About The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project prevents child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Thailand, providing vulnerable Thai children and youth with scholarships and resources to help them break the cycle of poverty, avoid the dangers of child trafficking, and lead productive, independent lives.


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