Thailand Issues Major Crackdown on Trafficking Camps

June 29, 2016

Following the crisis of Rohingya refugees being trafficking through Thailand from countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh, the Thai government has issued a major investigation into and a crackdown on trafficking camps found along the Thai-Malaysian border.

According to Reuters, seven camps and 139 graves containing the remains of migrants had been found after a thorough investigation, and the camps have since been eradicated. In addition, more than 50 officers have been transferred from their posts upon suspicion of links to traffickers, and at least 18 arrest warrants have been issued. Authorities believe there are no longer any camps left in the south after these actions have been taken. 

Furthermore, last month, Thailand called in a regional conference with leaders from other surrounding nations to discuss how to deal with the crisis. Thai authorities have also agreed to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees on boats and have indicated readiness to offer aid to Malaysia.

These most recent actions by the Thai government represent an important battle victory in the fight to end trafficking.

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