About the SOLD Project

We prevent child trafficking and exploitation in Thailand through culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children and share their stories to empower creative, compassionate people to act.

The SOLD Project was born from a documentary film project. When our founder Rachel Sparks learned about child sexual exploitation in Thailand, she decided to expose it through the power of film. After interviewing dozens of sex workers, common themes became apparent: poverty, a lack of education, and a lack of options. Rachel responded by providing a scholarship to an at-risk student, and SOLD was born.

SOLD’s scholarships and resources empower at-risk Thai students to stay in school, pursue their dreams, and break the cycle of poverty. Our efforts in the US are centered around telling dignifying stories that encourage people to become a part of changing our world for the better. Browse below to learn more.


Our Team

SOLD’s international team is made up of passionate, talented, and motivated individuals who share a desire to prevent child trafficking and exploitation and tell dignifying stories.

Our Story

The SOLD Project began with a desire to tell a story, and we continue to rely on storytelling, mostly through film, to raise awareness and drive people to action.

Our Partners

We partner with many organizations, in both Thailand and the US, who share our goal of creating a holistic approach to preventing child trafficking and exploitation.

Our Partners

Press and Media

Raising awareness about the child sex trade in Thailand for nearly a decade has resulted in a wide range of press and media coverage, expanding our reach and furthering our cause.

Press and Media

Key Financials

We believe in transparency. Our key financial documents are available to anyone who is interested, including our 501(c)(3) ruling, our yearly form 990s, and a link to our GuideStar profile.

SOLD Financials

Board of Directors

The SOLD Project’s Board of Directors includes a broad variety of passionate educators, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, executives, and more.

Board of Directors

Our Values

Our core values are relationships, transparency, dignity, sustainability, positivity, inclusiveness, and adaptability. These values drive us and create an internal consistency for all that we do.

About The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project prevents child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Thailand, providing vulnerable Thai children and youth with scholarships and resources to help them break the cycle of poverty, avoid the dangers of child trafficking, and lead productive, independent lives.


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