Host a SOLD Event

A great way to get involved with the SOLD Project is by hosting an event to raise awareness about human trafficking and the work of prevention. We’ve provided three examples below to get your creative juices flowing, but feel free to create your own type of SOLD Project event if you believe it will contribute to our cause. The sky’s the limit.

Request a Speaker

Party with a Purpose

Throw a party during the holidays or on your birthday or at any time to educate your community about human trafficking and modern slavery. We have Party with a Purpose information packets that include informational sheets, donor cards, the backstories to each of our six films, frequently asked questions, and discussion points. Contact us to let us know about your event, and we’ll send your packet in the mail.

Book Clubs

Is your book club interested in learning more about human trafficking? Visit our Resources page for a list of human-trafficking related books. Please contact us if you think we should add a book to our list.

Movie Nights

Host a movie night to share the perils of human trafficking and the hope inspired by the efforts to stop it. Explore our Watch Our Films page for a list of movies about the SOLD Project, human trafficking, and prevention. If you know of another great film related to human trafficking, please let us know so we can add it to our list.

About The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project prevents child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Thailand, providing vulnerable Thai children and youth with scholarships and resources to help them break the cycle of poverty, avoid the dangers of child trafficking, and lead productive, independent lives.


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