Raise Money for prevention

Would you like to help fund the SOLD Project above and beyond a donation you could afford on your own? Crowdfunding is an excellent way to create and manage a fundraising campaign. A crowdfunding campaign makes it easy for family, friends, and others to donate toward a specific funding goal to benefit the SOLD Project directly.

Our partner for all of our online crowdfunding campaigns, Pure Charity is an online donation platform that allows you to customize your personal campaign page to tell YOUR story of why preventing child exploitation matters to you. With Pure Charity, you simply start your campaign, promote it however you choose, and receive donations toward your goal.

Ways to campaign

  • Special Occasions

    Special Occasions

    Ask wedding guests to donate to your SOLD campaign in lieu of gifts.

  • Adventure


    Race, bike, or run to support SOLD. Ask for donations per mile or donations to your campaign for race day.

  • Creative


    Host a bake sale, take over a gallery for a night with your friend’s art, or get creative to come up with your own campaign.

  • Party with a Purpose

    Party with a Purpose

    Host a party with a purpose where you invite guests and screen our films. You can sell tickets or collect donations at the end.

  • Birthday


    Instead of receiving gifts, ask family and friends to give to your campaign instead.

  • Holiday Giving

    Holiday Giving

    Fundraise with us during our holiday campaign or in lieu of gifts.

  • School


    Start a campaign at your school with students and teachers; have a competition between classes.

Featured Campaigner

Frances Paola Bailon

Frances donated her 34th birthday and raised $810. Join her by donating your birthday!

How to Get Started with Pure Charity

It’s easy! Start by choosing one of the pre-set campaigns above, and Pure Charity will guide you through the remainder of the process. We’ve pre-filled a few of the text boxes for your convenience, but feel free to make it your own! Once you’ve created your fundraiser benefiting The SOLD Project, there are endless options for promoting your campaign and raising money. We suggest donating your birthday (or any other holiday) and asking your family and friends to donate to your fundraiser as your gift.

Here are some numbers that may be helpful when choosing a fundraising goal:

  • $45 provides educational resources — after school programs, English classes, tutors, mentors, workshops, etc. — for one student for one month
  • $150 supports all after school programs at our City Resource Center for one month
  • $450 supports one month of our Sustainability Project
  • $2,500 supports both of our Resource Centers’ for one month

For more information about Pure Charity and how to use it, check out their How it Works page.

About The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project prevents child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Thailand, providing vulnerable Thai children and youth with scholarships and resources to help them break the cycle of poverty, avoid the dangers of child trafficking, and lead productive, independent lives.


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