Scholarships from the SOLD Project

The SOLD Project’s scholarship program opens up educational opportunities to students in Thailand who are at risk of falling victim to child trafficking and exploitation. By staying in school, our scholars can pursue their dreams and ultimately elevate themselves out of poverty.

Why Scholarships?

Meet Nui, a student in Thailand. Nui dreams of being a teacher, but she can’t afford to continue her education after the ninth grade. Her best outlook is to drop out of school and take on a low-paying job in labor or agriculture, continuing the cycle of poverty into which she was born. Because of her and her family’s poverty and the resulting lack of education, Nui is one of many similar Thai children who are at high risk of becoming trapped in sex work or another form of exploitation.

Education is the only reliable way to break the cycle of poverty for these children, but it’s more than this — it’s also their best hope to avoid falling into a life of exploitation and even slavery. In many cases, it only takes $45 a month to keep children like Nui in school, empowering them to achieve their dreams. With a scholarship from SOLD, Nui receives the money and resources she needs to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.

How it Works

Our scholarship program is based on direct sponsorship, and students of all ages are qualified to apply. The application process can be initiated in two ways: Nui’s family can approach us for help or we can approach her in the village or at school and encourage her to apply. Once she has submitted her application, a SOLD Thai staff member visits her home to meet with her and her family to further assess her needs and unique risk factors. SOLD then reviews her full application and determines her acceptance as a team.

Once accepted, Nui will be placed on our waiting list, and we immediately begin searching for someone to sponsor her education. In the meantime, we encourage Nui to take advantage of the tutoring and other resources available to her at our nearby Resource Center.

Receiving Sponsorship

Once we match Nui with her sponsor, she agrees to maintain good academic and social standing at her school, participate in our mentorship and after-school programs, and show interest in pursuing her dreams through higher education or vocational training.

The $45 per month provided by Nui’s sponsor covers the costs of school tuition, uniforms, books, lunch, travel, test fees, and other academic expenses. We provide this money to her through an individual account, distributing the funds to her parents as they submit receipts for her educational costs to us. This ensures that absolutely all of her sponsor’s money goes directly toward her education. Having an account also enables Nui and her family to see exactly how much money remains available each month so they can plan accordingly, teaching them the power of following a budget.

Upon finishing grade nine, Nui will have three choices: drop out of school and find a low-paying job, attend vocational school for three years, or go on to high school for three years and attend university afterward. For students who are interested in fields such as accounting, tourism, and mechanics, vocational school is the easier, less-expensive option for continued education. Students who, like Nui, aspire to professional careers such as teaching or medicine must attend high school and university.

SOLD scholarships provide our scholars with the money and resources needed to pursue the best educational track for them. But our goal goes beyond this — our support and resources prepare our students to succeed in all aspects of life.

Providing Hope for the Future

Our scholarship program provides real hope, and each of our students feels honored that someone in another country cares enough to help them pursue their dreams. Sponsors receive letters and videos from their sponsored student throughout the year, and we encourage sponsors to send bi-annual letters to their student. This combination of relationship, encouragement, financial support, and compassion helps students like Nui avoid exploitation, realize their potential, and achieve their dreams.


About The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project prevents child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Thailand, providing vulnerable Thai children and youth with scholarships and resources to help them break the cycle of poverty, avoid the dangers of child trafficking, and lead productive, independent lives.


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