The Freedom Centers

It takes more than scholarships to prevent child trafficking. Enter our Freedom Centers: safe spaces in the heart of our Thai communities where our students receive tutoring and mentorship, learn English and computer skills, and much more.

Freedom Resource Center

SOLD’s Freedom Resource Center is the hub of our work in Northern Thailand, providing daily after-school programming and resources. Here at-risk students have access to books, art supplies, tutoring, career counseling, English classes, bi-annual trafficking awareness programs, mentorship, and a safe and positive environment.

Special programs and workshops are hosted at the Freedom Resource Center throughout the year, focusing on skills like creative writing, photography, resume writing, and many others. We also use the center to host human rights programming, birthday parties, parent meetings, family camps, and more for our students’ families and the village as a whole.

Chiang Rai City Center

Located in the midst of a thriving city filled with thousands of secondary and college-level students, the Chiang Rai City Center continues the precedent set by the Freedom Resource Center by providing needed resources and programming to our scholarship students and the Chiang Rai student community as a whole: language and art classes, tutoring, computers and the Internet, mentorship, networking, cooking classes, a positive and safe environment, human rights education, and more.


About The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project prevents child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Thailand, providing vulnerable Thai children and youth with scholarships and resources to help them break the cycle of poverty, avoid the dangers of child trafficking, and lead productive, independent lives.


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